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November 8, 2010

A note from Martijn at Revival Studios:

Exactly five years ago today, I announced my first Vectrex game: Debris. The game sold out quickly after its  announcement and while I received much positive feedback on it, there were features that I wanted to include but couldn't at the time. Due to the large amount of graphic and music data, Debris took up almost every byte of the 32K available.

Now to celebrate its fifth anniversary, I am happy to announce Debris Revisited. Ideas I wanted to include in the original and feedback given by players have been mixed with additional features to create a new version of Debris that will hopefully please all.

New aspects to Debris Revisited include:

- New levels and enemy attack patterns
- Internet high score uploading
- Lives and level progress indicators
- More challenging boss fights
- Intelligent respawning upon death
- Improved gameplay
- Enemy fire
- New bonus game Astrododge
- Unlockable content

Besides the features above, there are also a lot more subtle changes that will improve the gameplay in general. So whether you'd like to try the new Debris, have a crack at the online scoring, or couldn't get in on the action the first time around... here is your chance! A trailer of the game is online at:

Debris Revisited is scheduled to be released this December. Exact details on date and price to follow. Reservation can be made by mailing to:

Revival Studios has announced 2 new vectrex games!

September 27, 2010

Revival Studios has announced 2 new vectrex game releases, to be launched at the Retro spelcomputer event held in Apeldoorn/The Netherlands on October 3rd 2010.


V-Hockey is a top-view ice hockey game with arcade overtones, as your lone player (and goalkeeper) fight for control of the puck and attempt to score more goals than the opposition.

- One and two player modes
- Three levels of computer difficulty
- Vecvox support

Price: 19,95 EUROS

For further info, go to:


Colorclash slim

Colorclash is a fun action game people can just pickup and play.
The player has to shoot the various gems that are falling down from the top of the screen. The gems are marked with symbols and the player has to match up the symbol on his ship with the symbol on the gems. The player has to clear a number of gems each level.

New Features:
- Both Vector and Bitmap modes included
- Internet Highscore uploading
- Atari paddle support
- Various smaller fixes

Original Features:
- Fun pickup and play type game
- Small learning curve
- Vecvoxx support
- Free bonus game: xudoku

Price: 19,95 EUROS

For further info, go to:

The games will be offered for sale at the revival studios booth. Besides these 2 new releases Revival Studios will also offer earlier vectrex releases like the 3d scape cart and Vectoblox and showings of new games in development. Both these games, as well as other revival studios games can also be bought online at , starting today. Shipping&Handling for online orders are 5 euros per game. Orders can be placed by mailing to sales (at)

For more information about these and other vectrex games, check out the revival studios website:

For more information about the retro spelcomputer event in apeldoorn, go to:

New Last Minute RSS Feed URLs ! Please update

March 25, 2010

If you have bookmarked our "Last Minute" RSS Feed please update the URL. Because eBay has changed (and debugged) the code I have updated the RSS Feeds. Please change you old URL with the new one in your RSS Reader or browser. The RSS Feed shows the actual Vectrex items at your local eBay, you don´t need to visit any other page to be up to date! Here are the local specific URLs:


300 Baud Magazine - issue No.1 OUT NOW!

January 30, 2010

300 BAUD MAGAZINE is a print-only publication aimed squarely at retrocomputing enthusiasts. We contributed an article about the Vectrex in issue #1! Covering everything from the glory days of the mainframe to the home computer revolution, 300 BAUD contains an entertaining and informative blend of expert opinion, enthusiast ramblings and archival tidbits. A marvel that is - 300 Baud Magazine - the newest retro computing magazine, this side of the 21st century.

300 BAUD is 100% volunteer operated by people who care about dusty old computers.

    •    Vectrex: Brings Real Arcade Play Home
    •    Dragon 32: How to Make Friends and Influence People in the 1980s
    •    Punched Paper Tape
    •    Up From The Depths
    •    Linintosh: how to bootstrap your vintage Mac from your Windows PC
    •    Basic Repair Techniques: Soldering
    •    Jupiter Ace Goes Forth

Get Issue #1 and more infos at


January 28, 2010


Pre-orders for Sectis will be accepted through March 30th, 2010. The total number of pre-orders received will constitute the entire run of Sectis. There may or may not be a subsequent run of Sectis games, to be decided later.

SECTIS is not a 3D Imager game

Pre-ordering Sectis will have two very nice benefits, as follows:

Only pre-ordered games will come in translucent cartridge shells with matching clear cartridge labels! After the pre-ordering period ends, any subsequent run of Sectis will come in black cartridge shells.


A brand new Vectrex Sectis T-Shirt will be included with your order FREE! - Black, M-L-XL (please specify)
  These T-Shirts will not be available again after the pre-ordering period ends. 

More Info and pre-ordering at

VecArcade Construction Kit - Limited Edition

September 25, 2009

Limited Edition - Construction Kit - For Sell

Vectrex collector and hardware freak Rudy assembled a high quality and great looking cabinet version for the Vectrex system. It features a complete and safe housing for the Vectrex and high quality parts for the game controls. The cabin controls are connected via the standard connection port to the Vectrex, there is no need for changes on the Vectrex system itself.


The cabin is build completely from wood, later colored in black and some original game designs are added - you can choose between red Scramble or blue MineStorm design. All parts are made by hand, Rudy uses the Donkey Kong cabinet in half size with the exact measure for the side and adapted the width for put a Vectrex in it.


There will be a limited production of only 5 VecArcade "Series One" Construction Kits, in collaboration with VectrexMuseum who owns the #1 model. A Sticker including the production number, the production date and the name of the first owner will be attached to the VecArcade.


You find more informations and the order list here!


Many thanks for featuring the VecArcade goes out to Jeroen at and the guys at


The VectrexMad! AutoFire Dongle

August 20, 2009

New: VetrcexMad! Productions Presents:

The VectrexMad!  AutoFire Dongle

For the MB/GCE Vectrex. Available for only 11.99 GBP at


The VectrexMad! Productions AutoFire dongle gives you super human shooting powers. "Fire"/shooting finger hurting or need some help to get to a higher level in a game?  Then the AutoFire dongle could be just what you are looking for. With the AutoFire dongle holding down the fire button shooting is continuous.


See a YouTube Video of the Dongle in action.

Mr. Boston - one of the most sought Vectrex games

August 17, 2009

Mr. Boston - one of the most sought Vectrex games.


Essentially the exact same game as Clean Sweep, but in this case the liquor company Mr. Boston commissioned this promotional version of the game for the Vectrex. Very few (four?) cartridges are known to exist. The last Mr Boston Cart sold for $3400.00 cash plus a boxed Bandai Vectrex. It is listed at as number seven of the ten worlds most expensive video games ever! 


Read more about Mr. Boston and Clean Sweep

Custom Hyperdrive Controller

August 17, 2009

Vectrex Hyperdrive Controller...


Steve Bender replaced the normal joystick with a self-centering driving wheel. Check out these 8 pictures at - behind the development of a very cool, very custom controller for the Vectrex.



72 in 1 Multicarts are now back in stock

August 10, 2009

Andrew's versions of the 72 in 1 Vectrex Multicart are now back in stock.

It includes all of the original Vectrex releases (except for Animaction), and a variety of prototypes, homebrew games and demos. Version 1.01 of the multicart now includes the full standard version of City Bomber, and an exclusive game - Hangman. The cartridge is menu based and all of the games are organised in categories (left and right on the joystick select a category, up and down select a game). For purchasing details, please see Andrew's  shop page at


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