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first Spike Song out there...

April 21, 2011

Got a mail today - seems we have the first Spike Song out there...


Quoting Travis Morgan: I thought you might be interested in this track I composed. I'm sure you are familiar with Spike. When I was a kid I used to play "Spike" on my father's Vectrex.

Spike - Vectrex (Morgantj Remix)(mp3) (right click to safe)

Spike - Vectrex (Morgantj Remix)(youtube)


Composed by Travis Morgan at

Mine Storm & Pole Position Reproduction Overlays

April 18, 2011

A note from Ian at

Hello Vectrex fans,

This project that started around two years ago has finally come to fruition. I am happy to say that I am now selling reproduction overlays.

Graphically reproduced by Peteski and brought to you by VectrexMad!

Reproduction Mine Storm & Pole Position Reproduction Overlays:
-Professional screen printed
-4 Colour overlay
-Better colour registration then the original overlays
-White ink on the back layer (as per the original overlays)
-Die cut

Price for one set of overlays comprising one Mine Storm and one Pole Position and standard postage is

US £18.69
EC £17.21
UK £16.43

With normal postage I will not be responsible for loss or non arrival of package. I highly recommend recorded signed for postage method for countries other than the UK.

Price for one set of overlays comprising one Mine Storm and one Pole Position with recorded signed for postage

US £23.62
EC £22.16
UK £18.21


If you want to purchase a set please visit the shop at

VectrexMad! at

FURY updates

March 16, 2011

A note by George from FURY:

I've added a screenshot to the webpage, and will also add a sampling of the Tripod animation in a couple of weeks.
I've spent many hours meticulously re-creating the animation based on the Cinematronics original. I made a few minor graphical changes to better suit the Vectrex. This has taken a lot longer than anticipated, and so I must change the release to late April. My apologies, but the game will be worth the wait!

All pre-ordered Zantis games (1st and 2nd editions) have shipped.
If you haven't picked up Zantis, now is the time!

The show has been canceled this year! : (
I was looking forward to attending, because I wanted to
release this at the opening of the show...

The Vectorbeam classic! Announced for an August release!

Updated game play includes the original 2-player game + an all new single-player campaign mode with multiple enemies! Battle the dreaded Warhorse! Annihilate the Warlok and all of his mystical powers! 7 warriors in all! Warrior will be the first Fury game to include an overlay, and will also come in an original Vectrex-style box. The game will not be released in a stripped down version for a lower price and that decision is solely based on the fact that the overlay defines the game play area in this game. It's a part of the visuals, and not merely an enhancement. I can't think of another Vectrex game where that's true (correct me if I'm wrong).

I won't hesitate to admit that the price is heftier than my usual game prices, but that should be expected as the overlays/boxes are being professionally manufactured. The additional amount that I'm charging ($30) will barely cover the additional costs. I have already gone over this with the printing company that I'm using. It all boils down to thousands of dollars that I will be fronting for this project.

I recommend getting your pre-order in as soon as you can. This is a limited run of 100 games. No guarantees on a second run, which would require at least an additional 50 (over the initial 100) pre-orders for me to commit to it due to the minimum overlay purchase required by my printer.

Pre-ordering is open! $65 + s/h ($7.50 US/CAN - $15 ALL OTHERS). Slightly higher shipping to accommodate the larger box/packaging. As always, insurance is extra. Please allow up to 24 hours for order confirmation (includes serial #). The games will be numbered in the program, and also on the boxes this time. Like War of the Worlds, Warrior is another game that simply needed a Vectrex release and I'm happy to be the one to do it! This will be my final Vectrex game release for 2011.

Reordered Shop Pages !

February 7, 2011


Reordered the shop pages, if you now click on  in the menu you are directly send to the US eBay page. If you live somewhere else, please use links below to visit you local Vectrex Shop. To see the old shop index page with our Cartridge Collection for sell please click here.

Debris Revisited / Astro Dodge highscore contest

February 7, 2011

Yesterday Martijn Wenting of Revival Studios announced a competition for his game Debris Revisited.
See a demo at - we love the sounds !
Debris Revisited / Astro Dodge highscore contest
With the release of Debris Revisited, Revival Studios is proud to
announce a highscore contest for Debris Revisited.

When is the deadline?: The deadline for this competition is set at July 1st 2011.


What are the prizes ? This time around, i decided to give away prizes for the top-3 scores,
as well as for the highest score in astrododoge.


1. A rare VIP edition of Debris Revisited (only 20 copies released!
Mostly given to people involved with the game and/or as a competition
prize like this)
2. A brand new jumperless multicart by Madtronix
3. Any revival studios game of choice.


Bonus prize for the highest score on astrododge: Any revival studios game of choice.


How does it work?
- Just play a game of Debris Revisited, and get a good score.
- Once you have a good score, display or write down the 16-letter
- Go to and enter your name
and code.


For your reference, the highest score at the time of writing is around 30000 points. Good luck! 

Vectrex Programming Docs

February 7, 2011

These pages are for all vectrex lovers. If you look for information about Vectrex, and how the thing is programmed, you have come to the right place. There are not many places where you will find so much information about the Vectrex programming as this little place. These pages will not stagger you with blinding graphics, they actually will be quite boring for people not interested in vectrex programming and technical details. This collection of Vectrex programming related documents was started by Chris Salomon and is now maintained by the museums staff.


Now the complete collection is online again! Added the missing pages and TXTs. Vectrex Programmers, please have a look to the pages and send in additional programming informations. We need more Vectrex coders on this planet!

Q-berts Travel Blog

February 6, 2011

Hello my dear ol' fans! It's me, your good ol' buddy from the past: Q-bert!


I know Arcadegame Heroes from the 80ties like I am have seen better days but now I am back! And I started my first blog to keep you guys updated of my trips all over the world and further galaxies. I have seen many countries on this dark & damp planet and many stories must be told. So don't hesitate and check my travel blog here, hosted at


Please sign up for my newsletter or bookmark my RSS feed to stay updated.

Yours, Q-bert

New Page: Vectrex Wiki(as)

January 24, 2011

Quoting a Mail by Vectrex Fan Derryl B.:

I started getting into Wikias several months ago, and seeing that there wasn’t one for the Vectrex, I started my own!


In case you get a 404 error there, there should be a place to click on a site link and that will take you there...if not, go with this full address:
BTW, for those that are confused as to the difference between Wikipedia and Wikias (as I’ve been asked that before), individual Wikias are geared towards one subject in particular, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, reptiles, the Glee tv show, cooking, etc. Also, Wikipedia forbids certain information for gaming entries, such as not noting how many points is required to get to a next level, an entry can’t be written like a guide, score tables should be omitted, etc. With a Wikia though, you can do all of this and more!
This is looking to become THE biggest resource of this kind, what with full game and even homebrewer entries, as many of these entries don't even have a Wikipedia page. Nearly all of the game entries up to now are full entries written by myself, most of which I either own, used to own or am very familiar with...hardly any ‘stub’ articles with those. (Note: several will say at the bottom they were taken from another Wikia, although I still wrote those elsewhere, and being a Wikia, I can bring them over here.)
And as far as the latter goes, there is currently only one entry for a homebrewer right now, although there should be entries at some point for Classic Game Creations (John Dondzilla) and Tutstronix (K. Tuts), I’m just waiting to hear some final details from them before putting up their respective pages. (Also, if George P. from FURY Unlimited and Mark Shaker are reading this and have my old e-mail address, please contact me, as I had sent e-mails to you guys in regards to getting some info up as to your Vectrex contributions, which I haven’t heard anything back, but my e-mails didn’t come bouncing back either. You guys have done more than enough to earn inclusion into this site.)
Also, if anyone is familiar with Wikipedia and/or Wikia coding (several things work with both, some don’t), please get in touch with me, as I’m looking for an admin or two, especially anyone overseas (/not here in the States), particularly in regards to the time difference. I can be reached at my YouTube page (I'm Darrylb500) or by posting on the front Discussion page of the Wikia. (If you’re like me where you don’t want to post your e-mail address online [sorry for any inconvenience], let me know and I can edit it out from a post from the latter once contact has been established.)


Permanent exhibition of the Computerspielemuseum

January 21, 2011

The new permanent exhibition of the Computerspielemuseum opens up to visitors on January 21st, 2011. The museum is located in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Visitors are taken on a historical journey covering the highlights of a process that started 60 years ago. "The Computerspielemuseum is an asset to Berlin’s cultural landscape," said the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, on the occasion of the opening. "I am happy to see that this young medium has at last found a suitable home here."

More than 60 years ago the computer became a gaming machine. Since then, digital games have contributed more to the diffusion of computers than any other application. The message of this new medium is interaction, suitable for daily use and creative possiblities, today already realised in global, interactive organised networks. In just a few years the digital game has changed the societal communication fundamentally - as printing and film have already done before. A long time misjudged as children‘s toy, computer and video games are increasingly at the focus of interest inside society.

Featuring: Sean Kelly's Vectrex Multi-Cart V 1.2

December 10, 2010


Sean Kelly's Vectrex Multi-Cart V 1.2


Thanks to the previous owner Ray B. we have some great photos from the Sean Kelly Cart V 1.2 guts. Have a look!


Some information by the original owner Ray B.:


I purchased this cartridge directly from Sean Kelly in February of 1995. I've held on to this for over 15 years and barely ever used it. The glue holding the shell is old and not holding, so I opened it and took a shot of the guts.

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