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If you are working on a Vectrex game or hardware project and there is an important update, please contact us so we can post your news here on the VecNews page.

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Lets get into Details !

January 13, 2012

See this Vectrex Demo at


"This is a great system -  ahhhm - if you are a retro collector like i am - then I recommend buying it..."


From us 100 Points ! This young man will become a TV reporter.

Ltd Edition Vectrex gaming Baseball caps for 2012

January 13, 2012

A mail from KosmikNeil (in parts):

These Baseball caps are a limited edition run of 50 only, I had Commissioned celebrating 30 years of the Vectrex arcade system which will be shipped out in the first week of March, taking pre orders now.

They are very high quality black, fully embroidered Baseball cap with four embroidered Logos, which includes the Vectrex logo on the front in pale blue (Vectrex colour), and "real arcade play" embroidered underneath on the back is the MB emblem (blue & red colours), plus on both sides of the cap are MineStorm graphics in white, Left side the MineStorm laying UFO, right side 3 Mines and your Ship which are accurately represented.

The caps sell for £23 (Approx. 36USD), which includes shipping worldwide, each cap is posted in a Jiffy bag with the cap packed out to retain its shape during shipping.

For more information or for PayPal pre orders

Kind regards, KosmikNeil aka KosmikVector

Amazing Vectrex FTP Interface !

January 5, 2012

Vectrex FTP Interface Adapter by Kokovec

This adapter gives the Vectrex:
1) 18K of extended memory.
2) Web server for uploading files from an FTP server
It will also provide an API for 3D object rotations, extended math functions, etc.

See the Demo video at youtube:

Loading a game on the Vectrex via FTP server!

Loading a 3D object via FTP

Vector Pilot development is finished!

November 5, 2011

Vector Pilot development is finished!

A note by Kristof Tuts:

Please take a look to
Please note that during purchase, a choice can be made out of 3 different overlays. (check the pictures on the ordering page).
Just let me know if you want to buy this game and please specify also the overlay-number. (Note that eventually, I could supply up to maximum 2 overlays per package, additional cost = 4Euro/overlay).

Main Features of vector pilot:
Calibration menu to compensate drift.
"difficulty" menu (1=easy, 2 = normal, 3 = hard)
A pause-button (button 3)
High score table
demo mode when game is left alone.
NEW ! The cartridge contains a non-volatile memory chip (E²prom) to save calibration settings and up to 9 highscore entries.
A 3D rendered animation during the hidden level
Secret game features can be unlocked.
NEW ! Choose out of 3 different overlays ! (see ordering info)

Cheers, and thanks for your extreme long patience with me !
Kristof Tuts

Vector gaming forums

September 11, 2011

Being a cross of the old Vectrex forums (R. I. P.) and a vector gaming forum on Yahoo! Groups (also long dead!), the vector gaming forums takes things a few steps further by also having discussions on raster vector ports and even current vector-like online and portable device/cell phone games.

There are also forums for any kind of game console, from the oldest Pong machines to the most current gaming rigs available such as the XBox 360, but the main focus are on the beloved wire-frame games.  And even though people who join can have whatever avatar they want (just as long as it abides by Proboardsí TOS), there are currently a little over two dozen vector icons  on the site to choose from as they wish, covering coin-op, Vectrex, raster ported, and even some current online vector-like games.


Have a look and sign in at, hosted by Darryl B. - Shifted! Launch

August 21, 2011

An announcement by


After a lot of hard work, I am proud to announce my new vectrex game release: Shifted!

Shifted is an action puzzle game that requires quick thinking and quick responses.
You have to shift columns up and down to make combinations of gems on the centre row.
The higher the combination, the more points you will earn.

The game is easy to pickup and play, and according to my betatesters becomes more and more addictive each time you play it. In addition to the survival mode where you have to gain points and survive as long as possible for a highscore (which you can upload to the internet), there is also a survival mode in 3 different difficulty settings, where you are faced with different challenges each round (20 challenges on easy, 30 on medium and 40 challenges on hard), which allow you to unlock additional rewards and gameplay modes.

More info and screenshots can be found on

Game features:
- Survival and challenge game modes
- Easy pickup and play gameplay
- Total of 90 challenges accross 3 difficulties.
- Internet highscore uploading
- Online rewards system
- Hidden gamemodes
- Vecvox support

Price is 29,95 Euros (this includes worldwide shipping)

Short Update by George

August 8, 2011

Hello Vectrex Fans : ), a short update by George:
On schedule - just 3 weeks away! If you haven't pre-ordered yet, please do it! You get a free iron-on
transfer for pre-ordering. Sundance now has 4 different game modes (originally only 3 were planned).
The game is super fun with 1 or 2 players!

WARRIOR - Last Call!
There are 7 Warrior games remaining for pre-order, #'s 93-99 (#100 was sold early by request).
Several people have requested that I hold a game for them, but at this point with so few remaining
and my desire to sell this out, payment is required. These will sell first-come first-served,
so please get your payment in as soon as possible. I am not planning a second run of these.
It's too expensive to have the overlays made with a minimum 100 units at this cost, and
I will not sell this game in a stripped down version primarily because the overlay defines the
entire play area. Please hurry!
Next email update will be when Sundance is released at the end of the month.
The Sundance web page will be updated prior to the release (additional screenshots, etc).

furyunlimited - August Update

August 1, 2011

An Update from George at


Surprise! Remake of the Cinematronics sleeper hit! Sundance will begin shipping
August 29th. The game is nearly completed now, and I have some final bugtesting
and cleanup. Pre-orders come with a free Sundance iron-on transfer! Low $30 price.
Allow up to 24 hours for a pre-order confirmation email.


All pre-orders have shipped!
Update to site coming soon! Less than 20 games still available for pre-order!
The 2-player clone of the original is completed. Now I'm working on the many
different opponents in the 1-player game.


New issue now available - tons of Vectrex coverage and more!
Subscriber copies have already shipped. If you're not a subscriber,
please don't hesitate to become one. Because of the high number of
subscribers, I am already down to just a few copies.


Sold Out! RIP!

Thanks for all your past purchases and support!

furyunlimited - June Update

June 3, 2011

A note by George from FURY: 

Released! These will start shipping this weekend. I will ship them all as quickly as possible. Your patience is appreciated regarding the delayed release. I'm extremely happy with this game and hope that you all enjoy it! Any new orders received will ship in July, as I will be shipping pre-ordered games for the next 3-4 weeks.


Update to my site coming soon, with new images. Note that due to the extra time that it took to complete War of the Worlds, I have moved the Warrior release to October - sorry about this! If this is a problem for any of you, you can request a refund. I have over twenty still available for pre-order. This is a limited release of 100 games.
Due to constant inquiries, I am opening I, Cyborg up once again to orders. Specifically 50 copies, numbered 251-300. I sold 250 I, Cyborg games between '04 and '08. This will be identical in every way to the original release, so if you already own it there is no need to purchase it again. Consider this to be a continuation of the original release after an extended hiatus.
The publisher has notified me that Issue #43 will be out soon. The print quality has been improved (yet again!). If you are a subscriber, your magazine will ship immediately after I receive them. If you're not a subscriber, become one! The deal that I offer is the best available!

Prototype | VECTREX VideoSystem

May 30, 2011

Houston, we have an unknown prototype...


I got a mail from Justin Forsell, USA mentioning a Vectrex prototype his father was working on. His father worked in Research & Design at Milton Bradley for over 20 years.


See more photos here.


We are looking for more informations about the Prototype.
Please contact us if you know someting more about it...

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