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Crossword Puzzles - GCE Vectrex

January 18, 2012

1: Designed by Bill Hawkins
2: This arcade game was released exclusively on the Vectrex
4: This 3D device package with 3D Mine Strom
5: Modern day programmer of Vectrex Games
6: The final game for the light pen
7: Availbale only through GCE mail order
8: You are a vacuum cleaner
11: Based on the vector coin-op of the same name
12: This toy company bought out General Consumer Electronics
13: This cartridge had 2k of ram housed within
14: European release of Spinball
15: Rumored game title
16: This gentleman built the Vectrex prototype
19: This toy company chose not to purchase the Vectrex
23: Leather accessory for the Vectrex
26: Based on the television show and movie franchise
27: 12 K prototype
29: Evil Otto!
32: The Vectrex was first displayed during this Chicago convention

3: The Japanese manufacturer of the Vectrex
9: Packaged with Artmaster; Only 3 games were compatable with this device
10: Submarine game
17: Graphics were created with these type of lines instead of pixels
18: Used for diagnostic purposes
20: X's & O's
21: Vectrex Manufacturer
22: This game went from home to the arcade
24: Built in game
25: Ricocheting fire
28: This game used the joysticks analog feature
30: European release of Web Wars
31: Used to simulate color
32: Announced but never released add-on
33: Voice synthesis







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