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furyunlimited - June Update

June 3, 2011

A note by George from FURY: 

Released! These will start shipping this weekend. I will ship them all as quickly as possible. Your patience is appreciated regarding the delayed release. I'm extremely happy with this game and hope that you all enjoy it! Any new orders received will ship in July, as I will be shipping pre-ordered games for the next 3-4 weeks.


Update to my site coming soon, with new images. Note that due to the extra time that it took to complete War of the Worlds, I have moved the Warrior release to October - sorry about this! If this is a problem for any of you, you can request a refund. I have over twenty still available for pre-order. This is a limited release of 100 games.
Due to constant inquiries, I am opening I, Cyborg up once again to orders. Specifically 50 copies, numbered 251-300. I sold 250 I, Cyborg games between '04 and '08. This will be identical in every way to the original release, so if you already own it there is no need to purchase it again. Consider this to be a continuation of the original release after an extended hiatus.
The publisher has notified me that Issue #43 will be out soon. The print quality has been improved (yet again!). If you are a subscriber, your magazine will ship immediately after I receive them. If you're not a subscriber, become one! The deal that I offer is the best available!

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