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FURY updates

March 16, 2011

A note by George from FURY:

I've added a screenshot to the webpage, and will also add a sampling of the Tripod animation in a couple of weeks.
I've spent many hours meticulously re-creating the animation based on the Cinematronics original. I made a few minor graphical changes to better suit the Vectrex. This has taken a lot longer than anticipated, and so I must change the release to late April. My apologies, but the game will be worth the wait!

All pre-ordered Zantis games (1st and 2nd editions) have shipped.
If you haven't picked up Zantis, now is the time!

The show has been canceled this year! : (
I was looking forward to attending, because I wanted to
release this at the opening of the show...

The Vectorbeam classic! Announced for an August release!

Updated game play includes the original 2-player game + an all new single-player campaign mode with multiple enemies! Battle the dreaded Warhorse! Annihilate the Warlok and all of his mystical powers! 7 warriors in all! Warrior will be the first Fury game to include an overlay, and will also come in an original Vectrex-style box. The game will not be released in a stripped down version for a lower price and that decision is solely based on the fact that the overlay defines the game play area in this game. It's a part of the visuals, and not merely an enhancement. I can't think of another Vectrex game where that's true (correct me if I'm wrong).

I won't hesitate to admit that the price is heftier than my usual game prices, but that should be expected as the overlays/boxes are being professionally manufactured. The additional amount that I'm charging ($30) will barely cover the additional costs. I have already gone over this with the printing company that I'm using. It all boils down to thousands of dollars that I will be fronting for this project.

I recommend getting your pre-order in as soon as you can. This is a limited run of 100 games. No guarantees on a second run, which would require at least an additional 50 (over the initial 100) pre-orders for me to commit to it due to the minimum overlay purchase required by my printer.

Pre-ordering is open! $65 + s/h ($7.50 US/CAN - $15 ALL OTHERS). Slightly higher shipping to accommodate the larger box/packaging. As always, insurance is extra. Please allow up to 24 hours for order confirmation (includes serial #). The games will be numbered in the program, and also on the boxes this time. Like War of the Worlds, Warrior is another game that simply needed a Vectrex release and I'm happy to be the one to do it! This will be my final Vectrex game release for 2011.

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