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New Page: Vectrex Wiki(as)

January 24, 2011

Quoting a Mail by Vectrex Fan Derryl B.:

I started getting into Wikias several months ago, and seeing that there wasn’t one for the Vectrex, I started my own!


In case you get a 404 error there, there should be a place to click on a site link and that will take you there...if not, go with this full address:
BTW, for those that are confused as to the difference between Wikipedia and Wikias (as I’ve been asked that before), individual Wikias are geared towards one subject in particular, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, reptiles, the Glee tv show, cooking, etc. Also, Wikipedia forbids certain information for gaming entries, such as not noting how many points is required to get to a next level, an entry can’t be written like a guide, score tables should be omitted, etc. With a Wikia though, you can do all of this and more!
This is looking to become THE biggest resource of this kind, what with full game and even homebrewer entries, as many of these entries don't even have a Wikipedia page. Nearly all of the game entries up to now are full entries written by myself, most of which I either own, used to own or am very familiar with...hardly any ‘stub’ articles with those. (Note: several will say at the bottom they were taken from another Wikia, although I still wrote those elsewhere, and being a Wikia, I can bring them over here.)
And as far as the latter goes, there is currently only one entry for a homebrewer right now, although there should be entries at some point for Classic Game Creations (John Dondzilla) and Tutstronix (K. Tuts), I’m just waiting to hear some final details from them before putting up their respective pages. (Also, if George P. from FURY Unlimited and Mark Shaker are reading this and have my old e-mail address, please contact me, as I had sent e-mails to you guys in regards to getting some info up as to your Vectrex contributions, which I haven’t heard anything back, but my e-mails didn’t come bouncing back either. You guys have done more than enough to earn inclusion into this site.)
Also, if anyone is familiar with Wikipedia and/or Wikia coding (several things work with both, some don’t), please get in touch with me, as I’m looking for an admin or two, especially anyone overseas (/not here in the States), particularly in regards to the time difference. I can be reached at my YouTube page (I'm Darrylb500) or by posting on the front Discussion page of the Wikia. (If you’re like me where you don’t want to post your e-mail address online [sorry for any inconvenience], let me know and I can edit it out from a post from the latter once contact has been established.)


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