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If you are working on a Vectrex game or hardware project and there is an important update, please contact us so we can post your news here on the VecNews page.

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Museums Page Updated...

February 8, 2015

Dear Vectrex Friends, it took me longer than expected to get things organized in my "new" home town Bremen. Now i found the time to update the museums page. I did not add new things but had to repair several sections. A web page is like a house, after some time the water tube leaks...

  - Contact Form Update

The contact form was out of order for some time, i just realized it after a test mail i have send. I do not know exactly how long i did not received mails via the contact form. If you have send a mail in the last months it is possible that it has no been transferred, even if the contact form said that the mail has been delivered. Please get back in touch...

  - Shop Pages Updated

The Vectrex Shop pages did not worked for some time because ebay changed (again...) the used technic. Now the shop section features all Vectrex items on the various local ebay pages for the USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, and, and, and... have a look to the new shop.

  - Last Minute RSS Feed Updated

 The new "Last Minute Vectrex Items" RSS feed has a new URL. You find the link to your local Vectrex items on the shop page for your country. Visit the shop, select your country and click the "Vectrex Last Minute RSS" link. A new window will open, including the next ending Vectrex items at you local ebay market. You can bookmark the page, it will always show you the soonest ending Vectrex items at the market. Or you can open the URL in a RSS reader.

Have fun on the page, please let me know if you find a dead link or something that not works like it should do.
Yours, Oliver

Vectrex | Wiki Mirror at

March 17, 2012


Today is the launch of the Vectrexmuseum's mirror version of Darryl B's Vectrex wiki under the URL All articles written by Darryl have been mirrored to this wiki and will be maintained by Darryl in the future. So far we have 90 Vectrex related articles online, including GCE and homebrew game reviews, biographies; including an authorized biography of Jay Smith, company profiles and Vectrex trivia.

The mirror version has been set up to save the important content that Darryl and the other wiki authors created in the case that wikia stops their free services. We encourage all wikia Vectrex wiki authors to sign up also at the museum´s mirror wiki and maintain the page. Please contact Oliver (wiki system admin) to get an author account.

We got a mail from the first official visitor:

Posted Image
Please visit the new


Darryl B. and Oliver,
the wiki admins


VGDB - Vectrex Game Database - relaunched

February 1, 2012


Many of us have missed the VGDB - Vectrex Game Database since it disappeared more than six months ago. At the Vectrex Google Usergroup there was a long discussion of relaunching the website. Manu, the original founder sadly had no copy of the page but luckily there was a backup at I got the permission by Manu to relaunch the page at

A Museum preserves important data - so I thought about recovering the most missed Vectrex pages. Today the series starts with the relaunch of the updated Vectrex Game Database. Other lost pages will follow.

I invested four days in recovering the page and need a little rest - so I added a
Tell a friend function so you can easily spread the word about the new VGDB. Please help me by telling your five best Vectrex friends about the relaunched VGDB.

And now... the big moment we have been waiting for:

relaunch VGDB at

Have fun,


Vectrex Museum presents VecApp

January 19, 2012

Vectrex Museum is proud to present the first Vectrex Locator web-app for mobile phones: VecApp.
Please open with your mobile device, then tap “Add to Bookmarks” for easy, one-tap access. More information about VecApp here.

What the hack is a web-app ?

The web-app resides on server and is accessed via the Internet. It performs specified tasks - potentially all the same ones as a native application - for the mobile user, usually by downloading part of the application to the device for local processing each time it is used. The software is written as Web pages in HTML and CSS, with the interactive parts in Java. This means that the same application can be used by most mobile devices that can surf the Web (regardless of the brand of phone).

Background Picture Contest

Create a start screen background picture for VecApp.

Simple rules: The picture needs to be related to the Vectrex. Use your computer, a pencil or anything else to create a 310 (h) x 320 (w) pixel resolution picture. Please mention the three location buttons that cover parts of your picture.

One picture per person, please send in your picture until February 29, 2012 to the email address: All pictures will be published for the contest that runs in March 2012 here at The five most voted pictures will be included on the VecApp start screen and shown in a random order.

Download a PhotoShop template

Please promote VecApp on your website, here is a press kit

Prototype | VECTREX VideoSystem

May 30, 2011

Houston, we have an unknown prototype...


I got a mail from Justin Forsell, USA mentioning a Vectrex prototype his father was working on. His father worked in Research & Design at Milton Bradley for over 20 years.


See more photos here.


We are looking for more informations about the Prototype.
Please contact us if you know someting more about it...

Vectrex Programming Docs

February 7, 2011

These pages are for all vectrex lovers. If you look for information about Vectrex, and how the thing is programmed, you have come to the right place. There are not many places where you will find so much information about the Vectrex programming as this little place. These pages will not stagger you with blinding graphics, they actually will be quite boring for people not interested in vectrex programming and technical details. This collection of Vectrex programming related documents was started by Chris Salomon and is now maintained by the museums staff.


Now the complete collection is online again! Added the missing pages and TXTs. Vectrex Programmers, please have a look to the pages and send in additional programming informations. We need more Vectrex coders on this planet!

Featuring: Sean Kelly's Vectrex Multi-Cart V 1.2

December 10, 2010


Sean Kelly's Vectrex Multi-Cart V 1.2


Thanks to the previous owner Ray B. we have some great photos from the Sean Kelly Cart V 1.2 guts. Have a look!


Some information by the original owner Ray B.:


I purchased this cartridge directly from Sean Kelly in February of 1995. I've held on to this for over 15 years and barely ever used it. The glue holding the shell is old and not holding, so I opened it and took a shot of the guts.

New Last Minute RSS Feed URLs ! Please update

March 25, 2010

If you have bookmarked our "Last Minute" RSS Feed please update the URL. Because eBay has changed (and debugged) the code I have updated the RSS Feeds. Please change you old URL with the new one in your RSS Reader or browser. The RSS Feed shows the actual Vectrex items at your local eBay, you don´t need to visit any other page to be up to date! Here are the local specific URLs:


Mr. Boston - one of the most sought Vectrex games

August 17, 2009

Mr. Boston - one of the most sought Vectrex games.


Essentially the exact same game as Clean Sweep, but in this case the liquor company Mr. Boston commissioned this promotional version of the game for the Vectrex. Very few (four?) cartridges are known to exist. The last Mr Boston Cart sold for $3400.00 cash plus a boxed Bandai Vectrex. It is listed at as number seven of the ten worlds most expensive video games ever! 


Read more about Mr. Boston and Clean Sweep

Vectrex Mini-Cade Data Recovered

April 5, 2009

Before the Mini-Cade was discovered, it was rumored to exist as several people reminded an arcade cabinet in the public areas playing Minestorm. This could be the system they saw. There are seven systems known to exist. Two systems were found in the Massachusetts state.

The Minicade is a table-top arcade system that was built in 1982 by a society named ESI in the Boston area in the USA. The Mini-Cade is interesting for the Vectrex collectors because it's built arround a vectrex system. It's like if the Vectrex system was taken back to its original roots: after all, the Vectrex was made to bring home the arcade excitement.

Many thanks to the owners Nico and Chris for offering photos and informations!

Read our Mini-Cade Article in the System Section

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