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New Vectrex Game: P1X3L-pushr

January 7, 2014

Just received a mail by ALeX, promoting a very nice new game for our Vectrex:


We just released a new Vextrex Game:


We is, namely Retrofan for graphics and I (ALeX) for code. There is no real module and no overlay, just a rom file and the source code..


It took some while but here is the new Vectrex game “P1X3L-pushr”, which is a remake of our own C64 game. The game was created for the Coding Compo at the DoReCo-Party 2013. Sorry that it took that long to make it public. This is our first Vectrex release and my first steps on the 6809, which seems a great processor. The archive includes not only the rom file but also the full source – have fun with it!


Since I don’t own an actual Vectrex it’s (almost) only be tested on an emulator. I’m open for suggestions but mostly for upcoming work since this game is done – but feel free to improve it yourself.


Video of NOX Race Game

July 8, 2013

NOX, a new (beta) game for the Vectrex by MarbleMad from ClockworkRobot. More info soon...


July 8, 2013

Some more video of NAGOYA ATTACK, a new vectrex game by Chris Malcolm:

"A beta version of one of a few Vectrex games I'm working on at the moment. Feedback appreicated. It's a little rough around the edges at the mo and could do with optimisation and some balancing of the levels but it should be playable enough. Single life survival game inspired by Taitos Minivader tester board."

Our friend Q*bert gets his own Vectrex Version

May 30, 2013

How cool is that! Our Arcade-Hero Q*bert gets his own Vectrex game. This is what he says:"

 I love it! Now i can hopp in the Vectrex. Can´t wait that Kristof gets ready!

For info please visit: and click on VectorHopper!

3D printable Cartridge Cases

February 16, 2013

3D printable Cartridge Cases

How long have we waited for this? Get your hands on a 3D Printer and print out the cartridge case! Posted by Computer Nerd Kev at

"I just put online a project I've been playing with for some time. It's a Vectrex cartridge printable using one of those new fangled 3D printer things everyone's talking about. The details are mostly on that page. With a bit of luck this might help a small few of the people suffering from the lack of new cartridge cases being made.

I'm contemplating selling small quantities as well, so feel free to show your interest. Postage will be from Australia, I'll have to think about the pricing, might post back."

Here's the link to the 3D case:

Original posting here at

Fury Unlimited | Update July 2012 | Vectrosis

July 26, 2012


Vectrosis Spinner + Hellhole Set:  $75
Shipping: $6 Domestic (USA), $12 International

Fury Unlimited | Update July 2012 | Hellhole

July 26, 2012

HELLHOLE by FuryUnlimited
Sector-X IV becomes a reality! Hellhole will be released on August 11th at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. Internet pre-orders will begin shipping on August 13th. Many of you will remember that Hellhole was announced years ago on my website, and subsequently canceled due to innovation fatigue ;)  ...until now!

You will not be able to plug in an Atari Driving Controller to play Hellhole. It won't work because the Vectrosis Spinner and button controls are together in one controller and plugged into one controller port. I am not adding in functionality for the above described abomination. You can play Hellhole with a standard controller as an alternative.

Vectrosis Spinner + Hellhole Set:  $75
Shipping: $6 Domestic (USA), $12 International

Hellhole only:  $30
Shipping: $3 Domestic (USA), $6 International

George, FuryUnlimited

madtronix is coming back!

April 14, 2012

John "madtronix" is coming back! updates soon...

Amazing Vectrex FTP Interface !

January 5, 2012

Vectrex FTP Interface Adapter by Kokovec

This adapter gives the Vectrex:
1) 18K of extended memory.
2) Web server for uploading files from an FTP server
It will also provide an API for 3D object rotations, extended math functions, etc.

See the Demo video at youtube:

Loading a game on the Vectrex via FTP server!

Loading a 3D object via FTP

Vector Pilot development is finished!

November 5, 2011

Vector Pilot development is finished!

A note by Kristof Tuts:

Please take a look to
Please note that during purchase, a choice can be made out of 3 different overlays. (check the pictures on the ordering page).
Just let me know if you want to buy this game and please specify also the overlay-number. (Note that eventually, I could supply up to maximum 2 overlays per package, additional cost = 4Euro/overlay).

Main Features of vector pilot:
Calibration menu to compensate drift.
"difficulty" menu (1=easy, 2 = normal, 3 = hard)
A pause-button (button 3)
High score table
demo mode when game is left alone.
NEW ! The cartridge contains a non-volatile memory chip (E²prom) to save calibration settings and up to 9 highscore entries.
A 3D rendered animation during the hidden level
Secret game features can be unlocked.
NEW ! Choose out of 3 different overlays ! (see ordering info)

Cheers, and thanks for your extreme long patience with me !
Kristof Tuts

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