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If you are working on a Vectrex game or hardware project and there is an important update, please contact us so we can post your news here on the VecNews page.

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GeekFest Berlin 2016 | Vectrex Panel with Jay Smith

October 26, 2016

Listen to the Father of the Vectrex game console, Jay Smith and Vectrex System programmer Gerry Karr talk about the early days of the Vectrex console. Chris Romero joins in the conversation to talk about the actual Vectrex scene. Recorded on September 17, 2016 at GeekFest Berlin, hosted by Hacker legend John "Captain Crunch" Draper and Vectrexmuseum's Curator Oliver. We hope you have so much fun listen to it like we had doing it. Please click here to see the recording:

November 01 | Play Your Vectrex !

October 1, 2015

The International Play Your Vectrex Day has been announced, giving the Vectrex an "official" day of recognition, along with it coinciding with the 30 year anniversary of its original release date of November, 1982 in the United States.


1. Play their Vectrex.
2. Keep track of what they played.
3. Edit the Vectrex wiki page for it ( or contact me and I'll do it for them.

These two things are mandatory. There are also bonuses that can be added as well, such as keeping a record of your game(s’) score(s), taking photos of your score(s), your Vectrex/collection, making a drawing or gif or something that is Vectrex-related, etc.  Full rules and regulations can be seen on the Wikia Vectrex wiki page or on the vector gaming forums, along with how to contact me if players wish for me to put up the information for them, rather than if they do not wish to edit the wiki page themselves.

We hope to see you on November 1st!

Museums Page Updated...

February 8, 2015

Dear Vectrex Friends, it took me longer than expected to get things organized in my "new" home town Bremen. Now i found the time to update the museums page. I did not add new things but had to repair several sections. A web page is like a house, after some time the water tube leaks...

  - Contact Form Update

The contact form was out of order for some time, i just realized it after a test mail i have send. I do not know exactly how long i did not received mails via the contact form. If you have send a mail in the last months it is possible that it has no been transferred, even if the contact form said that the mail has been delivered. Please get back in touch...

  - Shop Pages Updated

The Vectrex Shop pages did not worked for some time because ebay changed (again...) the used technic. Now the shop section features all Vectrex items on the various local ebay pages for the USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, and, and, and... have a look to the new shop.

  - Last Minute RSS Feed Updated

 The new "Last Minute Vectrex Items" RSS feed has a new URL. You find the link to your local Vectrex items on the shop page for your country. Visit the shop, select your country and click the "Vectrex Last Minute RSS" link. A new window will open, including the next ending Vectrex items at you local ebay market. You can bookmark the page, it will always show you the soonest ending Vectrex items at the market. Or you can open the URL in a RSS reader.

Have fun on the page, please let me know if you find a dead link or something that not works like it should do.
Yours, Oliver is now at

August 24, 2014

The well known page that is hosted by Jeroen has moved and is now at

New Vectrex Game: P1X3L-pushr

January 7, 2014

Just received a mail by ALeX, promoting a very nice new game for our Vectrex:


We just released a new Vextrex Game:


We is, namely Retrofan for graphics and I (ALeX) for code. There is no real module and no overlay, just a rom file and the source code..


It took some while but here is the new Vectrex game “P1X3L-pushr”, which is a remake of our own C64 game. The game was created for the Coding Compo at the DoReCo-Party 2013. Sorry that it took that long to make it public. This is our first Vectrex release and my first steps on the 6809, which seems a great processor. The archive includes not only the rom file but also the full source – have fun with it!


Since I don’t own an actual Vectrex it’s (almost) only be tested on an emulator. I’m open for suggestions but mostly for upcoming work since this game is done – but feel free to improve it yourself.


Mail Plane Prototype - download at

December 2, 2013

In case you have been absent from the Vectrex scene a while (like, the classic unreleased title "Mail Plane" has been found again. This time the game is fully playable (unlike the previous ROM Dump) to the end. Crashing more than 5 times also takes the played to the "Game Over" screen. is happy to have purchased the fully playable version of the unreleased game "Mail Plane" so that the Vectrex community can enjoy this long anticipated find. The effort was made all the more sweet by the participation of three post-acquisition monetary contributors. My sincere thank you to Lorne Allaire, as well as two other (currently) anonymous members. We have generous and enthusiastic members who love the Vectrex! Get your working copy of this classic Vectrex game title here: Mail Plane

Video of NOX Race Game

July 8, 2013

NOX, a new (beta) game for the Vectrex by MarbleMad from ClockworkRobot. More info soon...


July 8, 2013

Some more video of NAGOYA ATTACK, a new vectrex game by Chris Malcolm:

"A beta version of one of a few Vectrex games I'm working on at the moment. Feedback appreicated. It's a little rough around the edges at the mo and could do with optimisation and some balancing of the levels but it should be playable enough. Single life survival game inspired by Taitos Minivader tester board."

The Macintosh 1984 case design rumor has an end!

June 18, 2013

Dear Vectrex Friends,

there was this rumor around that the Macintosh 1984 case design was inspired by the 1982 Vectrex case design concept. I contacted the Macintosh 1984 case designer Jerry C. Manock and asked him this simple question, (followed by is his answer):


Was the design of the Macintosh 1984 inspired by the Vectrex 1982 in any way ?

    Absolutely and emphatically NO! 
    I have no knowledge of the 1982 Vectrex and have never seen one. 



Our friend Q*bert gets his own Vectrex Version

May 30, 2013

How cool is that! Our Arcade-Hero Q*bert gets his own Vectrex game. This is what he says:"

 I love it! Now i can hopp in the Vectrex. Can´t wait that Kristof gets ready!

For info please visit: and click on VectorHopper!

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