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VGDB - Update History

  Feb. 07, 2012
VGDB V 2.2 - Updates on existing pages, Submission Form

Screenshots : Paul Slocum: Vectrex Art, Boulder Escape Terror Hazard, Yoehl, Ztagger

Pages relaunched : 3D Imager, Arcade Vectrex, Cartridge Test Unit, Clear case Light Pen, Display Stand (the "bubble" one), Spectrum I+ Stress Tester, Manu´s Unfinished Games Page

ROMs : Boulder Escape Terror Hazard, Yoehl, Ztagger

VGDB submssion form finished to update and add new games. Programmers, please add missing games (only published ones) and check the data of your listed games. Please make any changes if needed. I tried to update the links as good as possible.

  Feb. 03, 2012
VGDB V 2.1 - Updates on existing pages, Public Domain

Demo Video : I,Cyborg, Star Castle

Manuals : Art Master, Bedlam, Blitz, Cosmic Chasm, 3D Crazy Coaster, Fortress of Narzod, Heads-Up and more

Screenshots : I,Cyborg, Hangman, Bedlam, Blitz, Cosmic Chasm, 3D Crazy Coaster, Spin Ball, Heads-Up and more

Cartridge images : I,Cyborg, 3D Crazy Coaster, Fortress of Narzod, Heads-Up, Star Hawk and more

Box Art : Art Master, Badlam, Blitz, Cosmic Chasm, 3D Crazy Coaster, Fortress of Narzod, Heads-Up and more

Overlays : Armor Attack, Blitz, Cosmic Chasm, 3D Crazy Coaster, Spin Ball, Fortress of Narzod, Heads-Up and more

Thanks to Jeroen at I added a collection of Overlays that are emulator compatible.

The complete content of the page can now be used without asking for permission. If you like to use a ROM file for anything other than playing with it on your own Vectrex you must contact the copyright owner (programmer) before. You find the link (if still available) on the game´s page.

  Feb. 01, 2012
VGDB relaunch Edition - Update - V 2.0

The first version after the relaunch. There has been an update to nearly every game entry, I list the most important ones:

ROMs added for: Ronenīs Game Cart, Spike Goes Skiing, Animaction, Revector, Nebula, Astro Demo and others

Demo Videos for: Spike, Cosmic Chasm, Hyper Chase, Pole Position and the legendary "Scramble - How to beat Video Games"

Manuals for: Revector, Nebula, LOGO

Screenshots for: Spike Goes Skiing, Spikeīs Circus, Thurst, Test cart, Astro Demo, LOGO and the legendary Android Graphics (animated)

Overlays various, I am looking for MESS / ParaJVE compatible Overlays for all games. Thanks to Jeroen at I add a collection of Overlays today, these are emulator compatible. Come back soon to download the Overlays.

VGDB is now optimized for the view on mobile devices, you can now visit the page with your mobile phone or tablet-pc. A home icon and start screen for iPhones has been added.

Tell a friend function added so you can easily spread the word about the new VGDB. Please help me by telling your five best Vectrex friends about the relaunched VGDB.

VGDB banner for your webpage and for games that have been listed in the database.

This Update History page added, check the latest additions to the page.

The Links have been updated (as far as possible).


Please copy the code and add the new VGDB banner to your page.


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