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According to this post found from the rec.games.vectrex newsgroup there's been one more commercial use for our beloved Vectrex. This time they used it to tell you your future! The weird thing is "If you reset it, you can play MineStorm".. where was the horoscope program stored then?

Sender: Pete Rittwage 
Subject :I have seen the Vectrex used for commercial (kiosk) purposes...
Date: 1995-03-06

Something you guys may find interesting...

At a local thrift shop in the "weird" part of town, they have a Vectrex running a Horoscope program... You insert 25$ and enter your birthdate, etc., using the usual controllers, at which time it tells you you're going to be rich, die, etc...

It is obviously a vectrex, since... 
(A) it looks EXACTLY like mine 
(B) if you reset it, you play MineStorm :) 
(C) it says Vectrex in the upper left corner...

Anyone else ever seen these or other such clones? I've seen games that mount on bars (at AppleBee's, etc.) that are obviously early Atari's (400/800) because of the tell-tale font.


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