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Image courtesy of Marco. Thanks.

Two of these were discovered in 2003 in the Netherlands.
They were used by a Dutch toy store chain called 'Intertoys'. 
Both of them have been found close to or from Amsterdam.

From Milan Polle: " Those weren't used exclusively by the InterToys chain though, we had a 'Speelboom' toystore in our small mall and it had the same stand outside. We played on it a couple of times (MineStorm), until we found out that if you pressed reset before the time ran out you didn't have to insert another coin and you could play forever. This was in Nieuwegein, a city about 10KM under Utrecht. In Utrecht there was a toystore of the Bart Smit chain and it had four of these lined up inside, playing different Vectrex games, that was really cool. Never got to play those as I was always together with my parents there :) I don't think you had to insert a coin in those so they probably didn't have the coin box attached below the platform the Vectrex was on. I guess these bubble stands were pretty common in the Netherlands." 

Well, at least they're more common there than anywhere else in the world...
Four of them in a row - *drool*