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This _could_ be the same as Minicade, but the mirror and track ball things don't match.. 

From an ex-GCE employee :

The VECTREX-Arcade Arcades 

Early on in VECTREX production, GCE licensed a local businessman the use of the VECTREX. The basic Vectrex was put into a standard video arcade housing like all the Atari Centipedes in the 7-11s. It had a mirror that brought the screen up to eye level. I am not sure if it had a larger tube installed or whether it was magnified optically. They were in pizza parlors and the like for a while. One came through GCE Santa Monica where it sat for a week. Unfortunately it was not in working order. We were all dying to play it. Now that would be a valuable collector's item if any still existed.

PS.  It had a Track Ball.