Yoehl - Saga of Pathrk

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Programmer : Manu Pärssinen
Link : pelikonepeijoonit.net (archived)
Publisher : -
Link : pelikonepeijoonit.net (archived)
Year of (c) : [to be included]
Release date : [to be included]
ROM size : [to be included]
For : [to be included]
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Perspective : [to be included]


Work stopped. Idea for an 'RPG'-engine for Vectrex.

Info by Manu: Nothing much to write about this. I worked on it for about a week just to see if I could do it. The game is basicly a 'gfx-engine' for a simple RPG. The trees, bushes, monsters, treasure chests etc. come from a data-file and it's really easy to add more screens. At one point I even had a version that randomly created new scenery as far as you could walk. The chests and monsters react to you, but there's nothing to see in the chests. Monsters take you into a fight, which doesn't work, you can just exit by pressing.. I think it was button 4. This game is one I'm least likely to continue on anymore. .