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Programmer : Ronen Habot
Link : vgcollect.freehosting.net
Publisher : Ronen Habot
Link : vgcollect.freehosting.net
Year of (c) : March 2000
Release date : March 2000
ROM size : ? KB
For : 1 player
[to be included]
Perspective : Front view


Based on the Atari 2600 classic Kaboom. Your goal is to catch as many bombs as you can. If you miss a bomb, you loose one of the 3 paddles you start with. Once in a while a caught bomb will bounce back at the man at the top. In case it hits the man, two bricks that support the bar that the man is moving along would explode. In case you hit the man 10 times, all the bricks holding the bar are gone and the bar holding the man will fall to the bottom. At this stage, you start a bonus round! During the bonus round, missing a bomb won't remove any of your paddles, however, catching a bomb will add 30 points to your score.