Stress Tester

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Programmer : ?
Link : [to be included]
Publisher : Roy Abel & Associates Inc.
Link : design.osu.edu (info about RA&A)
Year of (c) : 1984
Release date : [to be included]
ROM size : 32 KB + 2 KB RAM
For : 1 stressed "player"
[to be included]
Perspective :
[to be included]


This program was included in the Vectrex based Spectrum I+ stress tester unit. See more in the hardware section. Thanks for the ROM info go to B.Tomlin. The binary consists mostly of ASCII text.

The principle of the thing is that you select 8 colors from a flower-shaped palette with the buttons inside it, in order of your most to least favorite. The buttons also have LEDs that go out as you choose colors. It then spits out a LOT of canned text to the screen. In fact, it doesn't use vectors at all, just text. They don't even have their own music, using only the canned music in the Vectrex Exec-ROM, but using it well. Also, the screen blanks when it's not running, and the LEDs flash in a spinning "attract mode" pattern..