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Programmer : Tom Sloper
Link :
Publisher : GCE
Link :
Year of (c) : 1983
Release date : [to be included]
ROM size : 8 KB
For : 1-2 players
[to be included]
Perspective : [to be included]


Spike must be a Vectrex game with most cult status. The speech effects just stick to your head if you hear then even once. Since this game, Spike has became sort of a Vectrex mascot and has appeared in numerous homebrew games. And yes, he's a hedgehog. The game itself is a cool 2D platformer that looks 3Dish. Not many of those on the Vec. "Darn It!"

David at www.vectrex.nl writes "Designed by Tom Sloper, Spike is the mascot of Vectrex gaming. When you think of Nintendo you think of Mario, PS2 - Solid Snake, Sega - Sonic, but the Vectrex too has it's very own cool punk rocker dude gaming hero. Spike was made in 1983. Sloper was a big fan of Donkey Kong but wanted something a bit different from Donkey Kong so the perspective of Spike sought of comes from an on the side, tilted angle. "

See a demo of Spike at youtube.com