Space Wars

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Programmer : Larry Rosenthal
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Publisher : GCE
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Year of (c) : 1982
Release date : [to be included]
ROM size : 4 KB
For : 1-2 players
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Perspective : [to be included]


An adaptation of the first video game in the history of .. umm.. videogames..

Daniel at www.vectrex.nl writes "Originally programmed and designed by Larry Rosenthal Space Wars was purchased by Cinematronics in 1977. As rumour has it Rosenthal approached many manufacturers with Space Wars demanding that he receive 50 per cent of the games profits befor distribution came developed.

Accepting this deal Cinematronics manufactured the arcade machine, which was strictly a two-player game, and Space Wars stayed in the top 10 arcade money earners for 3 straight years from 1978 till 1980, selling 30,000 units. Arcade Space wars and later StarHawk were the last 4k games of the era and later games went on to be a more hefty 8k."

See a demo of Space Wars.