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Programmer : Paul Newell
Link :
Publisher : GCE
Link :
Year of (c) : 1982
Release date : [to be included]
ROM size : 4 KB
For : 1-2 players
[to be included]
Perspective : [to be included]


This version of Konami's arcade game seems to be one of the most common Vectrex cartridges. Scramble is a side scrolling shooter. Piloting a plane through varied (and mountainous) terrain, your goal is to infiltrate an enemy base and destroy it. Missiles, tanks, UFO's, and other enemy artillery can all be found and will try to stop you. Colliding with any of these enemies, enemy fire, or the landscape will cause you to lose one of your planes.

To fight back, your plane is equipped with both bombs and guns which can destroy most of the enemies you'll encounter. Your plane has a limited amount of fuel, and you'll crash if you run out. To replenish the fuel supply, you must bomb the fuel depots which will appear on the ground occasionally. Thanks to vectrex.nl for the overlay.

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