Pole Position

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Programmer : [to be included]
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Publisher : GCE
Link :
Year of (c) : 1983 (Namco LTD 1982)
Release date : [to be included]
ROM size : 8 KB
For : 1 player
[to be included]
Perspective : [to be included]


Vectrex version of Namco's popular racing game. The fame of the title has made this one of the most wanted Vectrex games too. Not a bad effort for a vector based racer.

Daniel writes at www.vectrex.nl "Pole Position will most likely go down as the game which inspired the whole console and home computer racing format with games such as Commodore 64's Pitstop I and II and the more recent Burnout series strongly related to the original Pole Position. The games only course, the Fuji Speedway. is an actual recreation of the Japanese motor racing circuit which features the predominate Japan Mt. Fuji in the background.".

See a demo of Pole Position. See a "review" by Steve.