Moon Lander

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Programmer : Clay Cowgill & Chris Salomon
Link : www.multigame.com
Publisher : Vectrexcarts
Link : www.vectrexcarts.com (expired)
Year of (c) : 2000
Release date : [to be included]
ROM size : 16 KB (demo) / 32 KB
For : 1 player
[to be included]
Perspective : [to be included]


Can you survive the long trip home? Based on Atari Lunar Lander / Taito Moon Lander. The binary on here is the 32k version, the one sold on vectrexcarts.com. There's also a 16k demo version. This is what Clay Cowgill says on the differences of the two versions : "16k - the graphic effects are a little 'richer' IMHO and the game pace seems better to me. 32k - There's sound, digitized speech, all levels are complete, all drawing routines are redone, gameplay is faster, demo mode is spruced up, pause feature has a music player, extra landers are awarded, etc..."