Crazy Coaster 3D (needs 3D imager)

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Programmer : Bill Hawkins
Link :
Publisher : GCE
Link :
Year of (c) : 1983
Release date : [to be included]
ROM size : 8 KB
For : 1 player
[to be included]
Perspective : [to be included]


3D Crazy Coaster was a video game for the Vectrex, an early video game console owned by Milton Bradley Company. Released in 1983, 3D Crazy Coaster made use of vector graphics, presenting a three dimensional playing environment. It was originally designed for use with CGE's Imager glasses. Make sure the birds don't knock your passengers out of the cart!

You can download the 3D Google wheel design here.

The user controlled the movements of a passenger in the lead car of a roller coaster as it plummets down steeps hills and careers around sharp curves. One goal of the game was to keep the passenger's arms raised throughout the ride without being flung out.