Boulder Escape Terror Hazard (supports VecVoice)

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Programmer : Manu Pärssinen
Link : pelikonepeijoonit.net (archived)
Publisher : -
Link : pelikonepeijoonit.net (archived)
Year of (c) : [to be included]
Release date : [to be included]
ROM size : [to be included]
For : [to be included]
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Perspective : [to be included]


Some info by Manu: Boulder Escape Terror Hazard. My most hyped game - and all the hype done by me. I've mentioned this project  several times on the rec.games.vectrex  newsgroup and even presented the artwork for the game cover. However, this is where it still stands. Even if it doesn't look like a million bucks,  this game has more code behind it than the completed VecSports Boxing. It is VecVoice compatible (just try it out on the real thing).

The idea is to use buttons 1-4 to jump from boulder (asteroid) to another and avoid hitting the forcefield running around on the edges. The problem was (and is) that besides several ideas, I couldn't get a real idea for the gameplay. Was it to have a time limit? Did the force field shrink? Would you have to do something else too? Enemies to shoot? Etc.. Two player game would be just who stays alive longer, since you can't go on the same asteroid than the other player is on. Lots of good code, nice effects (big thanks for sound stuff to Alex and some other stuff to Marq)..  but *shrug*. Not to be confused with my early demo game B.E.T.H. - Battle Earth Terror Hazard :)