Batter Up Action Baseball aka Pitcher's Duel

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Programmer ; GCE / ?
Link :
Publisher : GCE Services
Link :
Year of (c) : [to be included]
Release date : 2007
ROM size : ? KB
For : 1 or 2 players
Genre : sports game

Perspective : various


Vectrex Wiki writes " Pitcher's Duel was found though a private sale and was held until a high quality release could be done. Pitcher's Duel was released at Classic Gaming Expo 2007 in retro-styled reproduction Vectrex box, and also as a loose cartridge. In both the boxed versions and as a loose cart there were two major case colors offered: black and green (shown in the picture). Also offered at the CGE auction for charity was one boxed version containing cartridge cases in black, red, blue, and green.

Spike´s Big Page writes" There will be 100 copies available complete with a box, manual, and special edition transparent green cartridge shell! There will also be 100 loose cartridges in standard grey cartridge cases available at a discounted price. The pricing will be announced at the show. The loose cartridges will be made available after CGE 2007, but once the special editions are gone, they’re gone forever."