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One of the most peculiar game console add-ons ever : The Vectrex 3D glasses. Granted, Sega did the same with SMS later, but those glasses are somewhat normal compared to this set of goggles. Besides giving you the illusion of three dimensions, they also add color to the games via a spinning color wheel disc.

The pack-in game was 3D Minestorm.

Close up of the goggles and the color wheel for 3D Minestorm.

There has been several efforts to create a home made set of 3D glasses for the Vectrex. Some attempts have even succeeded!
 Go see them at play.vectrex.com

There's also been discussion (and the project is on it's way) about an adapter to connect Sega SMS 3D glasses to a Vectrex. More on this soon, hopefully.


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