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Vectrex Game - Mr. Boston - Clean Sweep

This rare game is one of the most sought Vectrex items. The liquor company Mr. Boston gave out a limited number of customized cartridges of Clean Sweep. The box had a Mr. Boston sticker on it. The overlay was basically the regular Clean Sweep overlay with the Mr. Boston name, logo, and copyright info running up either side. The game itself had custom text, and the player controlled a top hat rather than a vacuum.

Essentially the exact same game as Clean Sweep, but in this case the liquor company Mr. Boston commissioned this promotional version of the game for the Vectrex. Very few (four?) cartridges are known to exist. The last Mr Boston Cart sold for $3400.00 cash plus a boxed Bandai Vectrex. It is listed at as number seven of the ten worlds most expensive video games ever!

Clean Sweep for the Vectrex was a Pac-Man clone where the player controls a vacuum cleaner that must vacuum up the dollar bills scattered around the bank and deposit them into the vault in the center when their vacuum gets full. Entering the chambers in the four corners of the maze allows the player to vacuum up the robbers that are chasing the player for a short time.

Price Guide

Mr. Boston Module with overlay sold for 1.500 USD on Feb 22, 2013
Mr. Boston Module with overlay sold for 3.600 USD on March 14, 2011

Vectrex "Mr. Boston" Cartridge

Vectrex Game - Clean Sweep - Mr. Boston Manual

Evil bank robbers have just blown your bank to smithereens. As bank president, you only have a vacuum available to recover the money strewn among the rubble, before the thieves destroy you! The thieves get increasingly anxious, but for added challenge, turn off the lights of the bank's corridors and gather the money through a blind maze.

Game Selection

You have the choice of two game play options. They are:

  • GAME 1: The bank's corridors are shown, creating a maze.
    You will have a clear picture of the passageways.
  • GAME 2: The bank's corridors are not shown, creating a blind maze.
    In effect, you are fighting the robbers without any lights on in the bank.


  • Joystick: Moves your vacuum throughout the bank. (Only control used in game play)

Game Play

Evil bank robbers have just tried to burglarize your bank. The dynamite they planted caused an explosion, leaving the bank in a terrible mess. The corridors create a maze, with money strewn everywhere. Use the joystick to maneuver your vacuum throughout the bank and sweep up the money. The joystick can move your vacuum up, down, right or left. Your vacuum bag is limited in what it can hold. You will start to see it grow larger. Eventually, it will not hold any more money, and you will have to re-deposit the money by entering the vault in the center if the screen. Your vacuum does not have to be full to enter the vault and re-deposit the

Picking up the money with your vacuum is not easy because the bank robbers return, one by one, to try and destroy you. You must avoid them or get "supercharged" and try to destroy them.


Your vacuum can become temporarily supercharged by entering one of the four special rooms in the corners of the bank. As long as you are supercharged, you will have the power to destroy the robbers. When you begin to blink, beware... your supercharged powers are about to end. Once you use a special room, the door closes and you cannot use it again until you have swept up all the money in that level of the bank and enter the next level.

Getting Destroyed

Once you are destroyed by a robber, you will disappear. If you have any additional vacuums left, you will return in the center and be given another chance to complete the level you were in.

The Maze

The maze is a series of hallways, with the vault in the center. You are always safe from the robbers when you are in the vault.
There are four doorways, one on each side. The robbers will enter from them. You can leave the maze through any of the doorways and return through the doorway on the opposite side.


Each time you collect all the money in a maze, you will be transported to the next level that has a new, tougher maze. Your vacuum will fill up faster and the robbers will enter sooner and will move more quickly.

Number of Vacuums

At the beginning of each game, you will have 5 vacuums. A bonus vacuum is awarded after earning 10,000 points.


Points are earned as follows:

  • Each dollar collected 10
  • Each dollar re-deposited in vault 20
  • Supercharging in corner 50

While supercharged

  • Eating 1 robber 100
  • Eating 2 robbers +200
  • Eating 3 robbers +400
  • Eating 4 robbers +800


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