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Vectrex Cartridge Rarity Guide - Build Up

Dear Vectrex Collectors,

What is the Vectrex Cartridge Rarity Guide? How do we arrive at values? First of all, this guide reflects the availability of Vectrex cartridges from all sources: thrift stores, flea markets, retailers, and online auctions. In some cases, the games may be extremely difficult to find "in the wild", but they may be readily available online. For example, 3-D Imager cartridges are quite hard to find at the local thrift store or flea market, but you can find them sometimes on an online auction page. They may be more expensive than other games of a similar rarity, but not necessarily more rare.

Some of the Vectrex cartridges where produced in great amounts because they where sold with the Vectrex Arcade System in 1982. GCE produced more games in 1983 and 1984 - some are quite rare. Also some games where not exported to foreign countries so to have one of this games means to search for a long time.

The most common of all games. These are the titles that you almost always find when you buy a stack of games at a flea market or at online auctions. Any longtime collector probably has stacks of these.
Almost as ubiquitous as Common, but may vary slightly from collector to collector. Even beginning collectors can find almost all of these without much difficulty.
Scarce cartridges are those that you don't find in every pile, but you will find them often enough. Although you may have trouble tracking down every Scarce cartridge initially, you can eventually get them all.
Getting harder to find, it may be difficult to track down all the Scarce+ cartridges if you are only hunting locally. For that reason, you may have to resort to online resources to track down all of these, although you should be able to pick them up inexpensively.
You don't see these everyday, unless you're really lucky. We're just getting into the rare territory, and you will probably have to do some trading or online buying to acquire all these cartridges.
Ah, now we're talking. Dedicated cartridge hunters can find these in the wild with perseverance, but it will take considerable effort.
Very Rare
Very rare, cartridges you will rarely run across in the wild.. You might even have a hard time finding these on eBay, but they show up often enough that you should wait for a good deal.
Very Rare+
Worth bragging about if you find it in the wild. If you buy one of these on eBay, expect to pay well for it.
Extremely Rare
Extremely difficult to find, although these are attainable. Even veteran collectors of many years are excited by finding one of these babies in the wild. Consider yourself lucky for any Extremely Rare+ cartridge that you find.
Unbelievably Rare
These games are almost impossible to find in the wild. Even collectors who have been at it for years may never run across one of these, and they often make up the showcase of an individual's collection. These rarely show up even on eBay, and if they do there will most likely be a bidding war.

thanks to to create such a detailed rarety range guide for the ATARI cartridges

Please help creating the Vectrex Cart Rarity Guide

By filling out the form you help us to create the Vectrex Cartridge Rarity Guide. The first part of the guide will mention all official game cartridges that where sold or produced by GCE in the 1980s including prototypes. The second part (under construction) will mention all homebrew game cartridges. Please tell us the rarity scale and optional the price you would pay for the specific cartridge (spare and boxed) - please use your local currency. We realize there is always room for improvement, we encourage to contact us.

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Official Carts Cartridge
Price you would pay ?*
Cart in good condition
  Cart + Box + Overlay
Price you would pay ?*
All parts in good condition
Armor Attack  
Clean Sweep  
Cosmic Chasm  
Fortress of Narzod  
Mine Storm  
Mine Storm II  
Polar Rescue  
Pole Position  
Solar Quest  
Spinball aka Flipper Pinball  
Space Wars  
Star Castle  
Star Trek aka Star Ship  
Web Wars aka Web Warp  
Unreleased Prototypes          
Berzerk II  
Dark Tower  
Pitcher's Duel  
Tour De France  
Carts for the 3D Imager          
3D Mine Storm  
3D Narrow Escape  
3D Crazy Coaster  
Unreleased 3D Imager Prototype        
3D Pole Position  
Carts for the Light Pen          
Art Master  
Melody Master  
Unreleased Prototypes for the Light Pen      
Engine Analyzer  
Melody Master II  
Mail Plane  

* please tell us what you would pay (maximum) if this cartridge is available on eBay, auction ends in 30 seconds...
This informations are optional and you can leave it blank but it would help to figure out the estimated prices for the carts.

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Very Rare
Very Rare+
Extremely Rare
Unbelievably Rare